Welcome to Meadow Creek Ranch

Passion, hard work, and big dreams, that’s what we’ve got at Meadow Creek Ranch and Thornton Agriculture. That’s what it takes in today’s world to make it work!

Jack started farming before he could drive, growing up in a farming community and only having ten acres soon proved that things were going to get real. Now 15 years later, we are farming hundreds of acres using cover crops, no-till, and intensive rotational grazing methods to provide the healthiest best crops and cattle possible while building healthy soil and sustaining nature at its best. We also sell forage crops and grain, pasture raised Texas Longhorn and Angus beef, we sell all types of cover crop seed, offer soil testing, lime, fertilizer and trucking.

If you would like to stop by to look at the cattle or to take one home with you please give us a call! We would love a visit from you.