One of the many regenerative farming methods we use is chickens in our grazing pastures to control flies on our cattle instead of using pesticides. Then in the fall we have over 200 meat or egg laying chickens for sale.


Healthy soil is the foundation of a profitable and healthy sustainable ranch. One of the key tools for healthy soil is a properly managed rotational grazing system. This system allows for cattle to ingest the proper amount of feed and nutrients in every bite. An unhealthy short dried pasture will not have the adequate feed a growing animal needs, for example a cow is physically only able to take 30,000 bites per day and her mouth needs to be full each and every bite to get adequate nutrition. A healthy soil will prevent soil runoff, nutrient leaching, wind erosion, soil compaction, invasive weeds, will promote forage variety, soil microbe and earth worm population growth, and an overall healthy beef animal.

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